Regulation Crowdfunding securities are speculative, illiquid, and carry a high degree of risk, including the loss of the entire investment. 

Crowdfunding 101

Step 1

An issuer posts an offering on this portal to sell a portion of ownership in their real estate project or business to crowdfund investors.

Step 2

Investors look through projects and their related materials/financials provided by the operators to access potential risk and return projection.

Step 3

Investors select a project that interests them, and fits their risk profile and investment level. Then they invest!

Step 4

The issuers use their funding for their project and potentially generate returns for investors.

Note that neither returns nor the timing of any prospective returns are guaranteed. Invest at your own risk. For more details, read here. To visit SEC crowdfunding rule, click here.

As all investments through this portal are risky, we strongly encourage you to read our educational materials here to understand these risks

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Gainvest facilitates projects and investment opportunities that include real estate and venture types.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a real estate developer you can raise capital using equity, debt, and tax incentives for your project through Gainvest. Gainvest strives to work through available investment opportunities to get the right investors to the right projects.​

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