Team Seneca Investors. Invest in the growing play to earn space.

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Team Seneca Investors lets investors participate in scholarshipping play to earn gamers and sharing in their returns.

The play to earn space is a growing industry that utilizes blockchain and NFT technology.

With Team Seneca Investors, your funds are used to purchase NFT game pieces which have their own value and are also used in gameplay to earn coins that can be exchanged for USDC. The barrier to entry for these gamepieces are high for the average player and the game developers created “scholarships” to allow investors to own pieces and lease out the pieces to be used by individuals with an agreed revenue split.

This concept is taking the NFT space by storm and is expanding into numerous countries.

This short video explains the entire culture and concept of the leading play to earn game, Axie Infinity. 

This shorter video explains Axie Infinity in better detail. Axie Infinity is where Team Seneca Investors deploys all of their players currently.

Team Seneca has a team of players ready to earn and share with you. Distributions are made every 2 months on the first business day of the month.

The market price changes daily for the player entry. We are currently at $1150 entry per scholarshipped player with an average of 25-30 SLP earned by the investor per day per player. SLP currently trades at $.07.

Currently an $1150 initial investment would return an estimated $2.24 per day or $68/month.

Currently an initial investment of 10 players at $11,500 would return an estimated $680/month.


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